Dr. Ravikumar M V

Entrepreneur | Mentor | Rotarian


I am exploring possibilities of writing three books based on my experiences in academia, profession / business and social work. The books shall cover the following topics:

  • Attaining work-life balance (based on my personal experiences),
  • Role and importance of ‘mentoring’ to develop and build an enterprise / career (based on my doctoral thesis and subsequent post-doctorate assignments and
  • Eye-care initiatives for common man (based on my social work mainly through Rotary International Platform).

During the next 18 months, I plan to write briefly on various themes (30 -36) to cover my experiences and lessons learnt which may be of some value to the practioners.

Do feel free to write back to me if I have not quoted correctly or you find the data / information that I have given is incorrect (if you are associated with that).

I sincerely thank you in advance for your patience and interest in reading my blogs.

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